More DTVPal Details

>The DISH Network DTVPal digital converter box (formerly known as the Echostar TR-40) has been the most anticipated converter box out there, but firm details have been hard to come by. Dave Zatz has more details about the DTVPal and some new pictures. He was given a demonstration by Sling Media (also owned by EchoStar), and his pictures show a finished product, including box.

The Channel Master 4251

The Channel Master 4251 is generally regarded as the most powerful consumer UHF television antenna ever produced. The 4251 has acquired somewhat of a legendary status because production stopped sometime around the year 2000, and no comparable consumer antenna is sold today. It was a 7-foot parabolic dish, similar in design to a satellite dish, but designed for a different set of frequencies. The sheer size of the 4251 meant a large signal capture area, and the parabolic shape meant that it could focus and amplify signals better than any other television antenna available. Unfortunately, that sheer size also meant a large area to catch the wind. A 4251 required careful anchoring to prevent damage during high winds.

DTVPal Update

Update: The DTVPal has been released, but for a higher price. For more information see DTVPal Is Finally Released.

The DISH Network has set up a new website for the DTVPal, their heavily anticipated digital television converter box. Formerly known as the Echostar TR-40, the DTVPal has been eagerly awaited ever since it was announced. Despite a price of only $39.99 (effectively free with converter box coupon), the DTVPal has some of the best features of any converter box, including:

The GE 22730

I’ve noticed that more local stores have started accepting converter box coupons. The BJ’s Wholesale Club store now has a large stock of the GE 22730 converter box. I have my doubts about how many they are selling; there is no price listed on the shelves and the person I spoke to was unaware that the store took converter box coupons. But the converter box coupon website does now list BJ’s Wholesale Club as a participating retailer. I doubt that any store would stock a product whose box prominently states that it is eligible for a coupon and not accept the coupon.

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