The GE 22730

The GE 22730 Converter Box I’ve noticed that more local stores have started accepting converter box coupons. The BJ’s Wholesale Club store now has a large stock of the GE 22730 converter box. I have my doubts about how many they are selling; there is no price listed on the shelves and the person I spoke to was unaware that the store took converter box coupons. But the converter box coupon website does now list BJ’s Wholesale Club as a participating retailer. I doubt that any store would stock a product whose box prominently states that it is eligible for a coupon and not accept the coupon.

The unusual curved design of the GE 22730 sets it apart from other converter boxes. Some have complained that the curve prevents stacking anything on the unit, but blocking ventilation holes is always a bad idea. The unit is quite small, and the shape does give it a distinctive look. It is also the only converter box currently available that has a multiple day program guide. The program guide covers eight days, although you can only view program information for a single channel at a time.

Despite those unique features, the reviews that I have read for the GE 22730 are mostly negative. There are complaints about disappointing reception and poor picture and sound quality. The CNET review in particular is quite scathing. If you’re interested in purchasing the GE 22730, then I would suggest taking a closer look before you do. Considering everything that I have read and seen, I still think that the Insignia NS-DXA1 is the best digital converter box available at the moment.

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