Matthew's Workbench Random thoughts about anything that interests me Sun, 06 Nov 2016 23:29:20 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Decoding VOA Radiogram Program 111 Mon, 18 May 2015 20:07:02 +0000 VOA Radiogram program 111 contained four news items: The first three items were in the usual MFSK32 mode, but the final item was in the MT63-2000L mode. The broadcast also included three images:
  • VOA's Gabe Joselow reporting from Bujumbura
  • Food growing in the forest (taken from the VOA video report)
  • Ship-related debris on the sea floor
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Decoding VOA Radiogram Program 110 Tue, 12 May 2015 14:35:45 +0000 VOA Radiogram program 110 contained three news items: It also contained four images:
  • Kevin Stuart about to put another vinyl record on the turntable inside his Record Mad store in Johannesburg
  • A Neptune Wave Power wave energy conversion buoy
  • The Expo 2015 logo and the mascot Foody
  • A robot plays the ball during a soccer match during the RoboCup German Open 2015 in Magdeburg, Germany on 4/24/15
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Decoding VOA Radiogram Program 109 Tue, 05 May 2015 20:57:29 +0000 VOA Radiogram contained four news items this weekend: It also contained three images:
  • The Freedom House press freedom map
  • A Nerdalize e-Radiator
  • The VOA Radiogram logo
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Decoding VOA Radiogram Program 108 Tue, 28 Apr 2015 23:29:52 +0000 VOA Radiogram program 108 contained five images and four news items: All four news items were broadcast using MFSK32.]]> 0 Decoding VOA Radiogram Program 107 Tue, 21 Apr 2015 19:14:02 +0000 VOA Radiogram program 106 last weekend, probably due to changing shortwave propagation conditions as we head closer to summer. According to Kim Andrew Elliott, propagation for last week's 17860 kHz broadcast was probably the worst since the start of VOA Radiogram in 2013. I had better luck decoding this weekend's VOA Radiogram program 107. There were three images and three news items broadcast during this show: * India's net neutrality debate * US Congressional hearing on Russian international media * VOA Russian story about Yuri Gagarin]]> 0 Decoding VOA Radiogram Program 106 Wed, 15 Apr 2015 13:44:00 +0000 VOA Radiogram returned to entirely MFSK32 news items. There were five images and five news items this week:

  • Anti-venom against sub-Saharan snakes
  • New aluminum-ion battery
  • Chinese TV broadcaster punished for comment
  • Balloons send “The Interview” DVDs into North Korea
  • Islamic State hacks TV5Monde TV
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Decoding VOA Radiogram Program 105 Tue, 07 Apr 2015 14:56:09 +0000 VOA Radiogram returned to mostly MFSK32 encoding. VOA Radiogram program 105 contained four images and five news items this week:

  • Russia Denies License to Tatar-Language TV
  • Tatar-language TV channels off air (broadcast twice)
  • Cyberattack targets GitHub
  • Google and Chinese website certificates
  • Cuba will increase Internet access
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Decoding VOA Radiogram Program 104 Tue, 31 Mar 2015 15:19:21 +0000 VOA Radiogram program 104 this week was an experiment in reception of different digital modes. The same news story, “Battle for African Internet Users Stirs Freedom Fears,” was broadcast five times in succession using increasingly faster modes. The modes used were:

  • MFSK32 (with image)
  • MFSK64 (with image)
  • 8PSK125F
  • MFSK128 (with image)
  • 8PSK250F

There was also a MFSK32 image at the end of the broadcast.

MFSK32 is used regularly on VOA Radiogram and MFSK64 and MFSK128 are faster modes that have been used less often. But the 8PSK125F and 8PSK250F modes were new to VOA Radiogram. 8PSK250F is over five times as fast as MFSK32.]]> 0 Decoding VOA Radiogram Program 103 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 19:56:31 +0000 VOA Radiogram broadcasts for many months now, usually with pretty good results. I starting decoding during the winter months, when shortwave propagation favored my location. Now that we are moving toward summer, shortwave propagation is starting to work against me. VOA Radiogram program 103 was the first broadcast that I wasn’t able to decode fully. There were five pictures and eight text articles in the VOA Radiogram this week:

  • A note about punctuation marks
  • Greetings to the Antena DX radio program
  • Iron rain once fell on earth
  • Analysis of earth’s ionosphere (in BPSK63)
  • Young scientists (in Spanish)
  • Change of directors at Ekho Moskvy radio
  • Reuters website inaccessible in China
  • Decode VOA Radiogram on Android device (Flmsg item)
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News from The Mighty KBC Tue, 17 Mar 2015 17:27:35 +0000 previous article, I submitted a reception report last week to The Mighty KBC. The Mighty KBC is a Dutch shortwave station with transmitters in Germany that broadcasts to Europe during the week, and also to North America and South America every Saturday.

A failed recording prevented me from hearing my name mentioned the last time I submitted a reception report, but I was listening this week and heard my name listed in the “Loyal Listener Club.” I also heard some news about The Mighty KBC given at the end of the broadcast:]]> 0