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Update: The DTVPal has been released, but for a higher price. For more information see DTVPal Is Finally Released.

DTVPal by DISH Network The DISH Network has set up a new website for the DTVPal, their heavily anticipated digital television converter box. Formerly known as the Echostar TR-40, the DTVPal has been eagerly awaited ever since it was announced. Despite a price of only $39.99 (effectively free with converter box coupon), the DTVPal has some of the best features of any converter box, including:

  • a program guide with up to seven days of listings
  • event timers that can change channels
  • analog pass-through

There is nothing on the DISH Network website listing retailers, so they may be planning to sell the DTVPal directly. There had been rumors of availability in mid-June, but now there is a (nearly) firm date on the website:

DISH Network will begin selling DTVPal in late June 2008

But I wouldn’t be surprised if that date is pushed back further. Unfortunately, this is past the expiration dates for the early batches of converter box coupons, so maybe applying early wasn’t a good idea after all.

There isn’t much on the website that wasn’t already known, but now we have confirmation for most of the rumored details. If you have enough time before your converter box coupons expire, then you might want to wait and take a look at the DTVPal.

One comment on “DTVPal Update

  • DTVPAL WAITER wrote:

    price hike upto $60 now For it if it ever comes out!!!

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