DTVPal Is Finally Released

DTVPal from DISH NetworkThe much-anticipated DTVPal digital converter box from DISH Network has finally been released. For more information about the introduction, you can read the DISH Network press release. If you’re not familiar with the DTVPal, it has a number of advantages compared to other converter boxes including:

  • a guide with up to seven days of program listings
  • event timers that can change channels
  • analog pass-through

Note that price is no longer one of its advantages. You can order the DTVPal at the official DTVPal site for $59.99 plus $8.95 for shipping and handling. That is a far cry from the price of $39.99 originally promised for the Echostar TR-40, thought to be the original name for the DTVPal. But DISH Network now says that the DTVPal is a separate product from the TR-40 and that they are still planning to release the TR-40 later this year.

There were rumors that the retailers Radio Shack and Sears would also be selling the DTVPal, but there is no mention of the DTVPal on either of their websites. The DISH Network press release makes no mention of retailers. When I asked him, the manager of a local Radio Shack store said that he had no idea if they were going to be carrying the DTVPal. But he also said it was possible that he wouldn’t know until the store received a shipment. So you might want to take a look at your local stores anyway to see what is available.

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