More DTVPal Details

The DISH Network DTVPal digital converter box (formerly known as the Echostar TR-40) has been the most anticipated converter box out there, but firm details have been hard to come by. Dave Zatz has more details about the DTVPal and some new pictures. He was given a demonstration by Sling Media (also owned by EchoStar), and his pictures show a finished product, including box.

The finished DTVPal seems to have a different design than earlier versions and looks quite a bit smaller. Not surprisingly, the remote control looks the same as the ones used by DISH Network satellite receivers. The DTVPal looks promising; both the screenshots and the unit seem quite polished.

I expect we will see more first looks at the DTVPal soon. A number of questions remain unanswered: will DISH Network manage to release the DTVPal by late June? Will the price remain at $39.99 (effectively free with converter box coupon), or has been increased to $59.99? Which retailers will be selling the DTVPal? Even with an early release, I suspect that it will be available only after most of the earlier converter box coupons (including ours) have expired.

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