The EchoStar TR-40 CRA

Last year, EchoStar announced the TR-40, their $40 digital converter box. It had the best feature set of any converter box and the $40 price made it free with government coupon. But then the TR-40 was postponed and the DTVPal was released, a different converter box that EchoStar priced at $59.99. The TR-40 remained a separate product that they promised for later release.

Now the TR-40 has been reborn as the TR-40 CRA. You can read the DISH Network press release here. The TR-40 CRA price is $40, which is $20 less than the DTVPal, even though it is the same unit! It says so right on the TR-40 CRA FAQ page:

What is the difference between TR-40 CRA and DTVPal?

TR-40 CRA is a special limited production version of the DTVPal. Offered at the government coupon price of $40, the TR-40 CRA includes the highly-acclaimed features and functionality of the DTVPal.

DTVPal has garnered much praise in recent months and is recommended as a “top choice” by CNET. DTVPal’s amazing features and consumer-friendly technology make it a great value at only $19.99 with a $40 government coupon.

With a limited supply available, you should probably act soon if you want to buy a TR-40 CRA.

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