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As I mentioned in a previous article, I submitted another reception report last week to The Mighty KBC. The Mighty KBC is a Dutch shortwave station with transmitters in Germany that broadcasts to Europe during the week, and also to North America and South America every Saturday.

A failed recording prevented me from hearing my name mentioned the last time I submitted a reception report, but I was listening this week and heard my name listed in the “Loyal Listener Club.”

Every week, a digital image is included in “The Giant Jukebox” and this week was no exception. Here is the picture I decoded of the Ede Centrum railway station:
Image of Ede Centrum railway station decoded from The Mighty KBC

There was a bit of noise, but this is one of the best quality images I have decoded from “The Giant Jukebox.” I am continually amazed that decoding images is possible over such a great distance.

I also heard some news about The Mighty KBC given at the end of the broadcast:

Now here is some important news you have all been waiting for. If you are listening in Europe on 6095 kHz, please pay attention to the following. The Mighty KBC will stop broadcasting on Saturday on 6095 kHz and our last show on 6095 kHz is on Saturday, March 28. We will continue with the programs on Sunday on 6095 kHz. Please check out our website and our Facebook page for all the latest news because we will also move to mediumwave and later on in this year to DAB+.

There is a news item explaining more about the frequency changes on The Mighty KBC Facebook page:

We are delighted to announce that from the 1st June 2015, KBC will be heard daily on medium wave. We will broadcast on 1602 kHz between 07.00 – 19.00 CET from transmitters aboard the LV Jenni Baynton.
Our Sunday shortwave transmissions will continue on 6095 and we will add an extra hour onto 7375 transmission.

To facilitate these latest changes, our Saturday 6095 transmissions will end on Saturday March 28th but all regular shows will be maintained on a new KBC Internet stream which will be available online 24/7. Also, look out later this year for KBC on DAB+

We hope you enjoy our new outlets and will join KBC on MW, SW, DAB+ and Online.

So even though the Saturday shortwave transmission on 6095 kHz to Europe is being eliminated, it will be balanced out by new medium wave transmissions, one more hour of shortwave to North and South America, an internet stream, and DAB+ later on. As a listener from North America, I look forward to the extra hour and wish them well with their new changes.

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