DTVPal To Be Available At Sears

There were persistent rumors before the DTVPal digital converter box was released on June 26 that DISH Network had already signed up Sears and Radio Shack as national distributors. But neither chain sold the DTVPal after the introduction. The DTVPal remained available only through the official DTVPal website and through some smaller, local retailers.

But SkyReport noticed, judging from a FCC filing, that DISH Network did have a DTVPal distribution deal with Sears. On July 17, Sears made an official announcement confirming the deal. Presumably we should start to see the DTVPal in their stores in the coming months, or possibly coming weeks. According to these posts on the Satelliteguys forum, some Sears stores are already offering them for sale. There is still no word about Radio Shack, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a similar deal.

Although some have suggested that the DTVPal has already become one of the best selling converter boxes nationally, I find that claim hard to believe. Several other converter boxes (including the Insignia NS-DXA1 which I bought) have long been sold through national chains. Those boxes, with national distribution, must be selling far better than the DTVPal, with its limited distribution. This deal with Sears might help DISH Network to correct some of that imbalance.

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