The Small House With Many Antennas

While I was waiting on a street in front of several houses today, I was struck by the large number of antennas on one house. It was a fairly small house, but it was covered in dishes and antennas; I counted 11 in all.

Mounted on one side of the house:

  • 1 DISH Network DISH 500 satellite dish
  • 2 DirecTV dishes (one considerably larger than the other)
  • 1 unlabeled small satellite dish

Mounted directly on the roof:

  • 1 StarBand satellite dish for satellite Internet
  • 1 full-size mesh satellite dish

Mounted on a rotatable mast on the roof:

  • 1 FM antenna (model and brand unknown)
  • 1 Channel Master 4228 UHF antenna (these are very recognizable)
  • 1 Wade-Delhi VIP-306 or VIP-307 VHF antenna (I was less sure about this, but they are also fairly recognizable)

Mounted on a second fixed mast on the roof:

  • 1 more Wade-Delhi VIP VHF antenna
  • 1 HF antenna that I didn’t recognize, but possibly related to amateur radio

And that isn’t counting the satellite dish on the shared lawn, which might have belonged to a neighbor. I was tempted to knock on the front door, just to try to shake the owner’s hand.

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