New DTVPal Review by CNET

Just as I had predicted, the reviews for the DISH Network DTVPal digital converter box are beginning to appear. CNET has now published the latest DTVPal review. The review is quite extensive and examines the DTVPal in great detail. They seemed very impressed by the DTVPal and especially liked the program guide. Their main criticisms seemed to be video quality (which they described as a notch below other converters) and the overcomplicated remote control. I’m familiar with that remote control (the same one is used by DISH Network for their satellite receivers) and I personally don’t agree with them. I was also surprised by the video quality comment; that contradicts other statements I have heard about superior video quality. Their conclusion is that the DTVPal is the top choice for converter box, unless you prefer the simplicity of the RCA DTA800. It’s a good review, so be sure to take a look.

There is still no word about where you will be able to buy the DTVPal, but presumably those details will be revealed when the DTVPal is officially released. Of course, DISH Network might be planning to bypass retailers and sell the DTVPal directly. We should find out on June 19.

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