Google Chrome

If you follow technology news at all, then you have certainly heard about Chrome, Google’s new web browser. It was released on September 3 to good reviews, with most praising its speed and simplicity. According to Market Share, Chrome achieved a market share of 1% in only two days!

Of course, not everyone was pleased. Some have criticized Chrome’s lack of a built-in email client. But that makes sense when you consider that Google wants Chrome to showcase their lineup of web applications. Remember GMail?

Some have complained about the installer, the lack of plug-ins, and other weaknesses. Many of those criticisms are valid, but others strike me as odd. I think that a free program which is still in beta should be forgiven for a few deficiencies.

Google seems to be committed to Chrome, and I would expect many of the complaints to be addressed before very long. Keep in mind that this version of Chrome is just the beginning for Google and they are planning for the long term. As for me, I appreciate having a new alternative to Internet Explorer for those of us who don’t like Firefox.

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