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"BBC World News" is a fixture on PBS stations in the United States, and it has been for a number of years. WLIW-TV, the US distributor for the program, has chosen not to renew their contract with the BBC. The new distributor is KCET-TV from Los Angeles. Now WLIW-TV is preparing their own international new program with a working title of "Your World Tonight". It remains to be seen how many PBS stations will keep "BBC World News" and how many will pick up the new "Your World Tonight".

One of the disagreements between WLIW-TV and the BBC seems to have involved whether PBS stations would be allowed to air "BBC World News" at 7:00PM, the same time as on the BBC America channel. Since many stations play it immediately following The Newshour with Jim Lehrer (which is an hour long and normally airs at 6:00PM), this would seem to be a problem. The BBC seems focused lately on building up the audience of BBC America, even at the expense of the audience for their programs on PBS stations.

Another disagreement involved the plans of WLIW-TV to insert segments into the "BBC World News" thought to be better suited to an American audience. The BBC refused to allow this. I agree with the BBC on that one; if I watch "BBC World News", then I want to see the real thing, not an edited version.

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